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At its heart, marketing is all just maths.

The success (or failure!) of a campaign is all down to the numbers.

Here’s an example from a client.

They were spending £100/day on Facebook Ads sending people to a webinar.

Here are the all-important numbers for the last 7 days:

They spent £700

• Had 122 people register for the webinar

• Had 24 of those people show up

• 5 of them purchased a £99/month service.

Now the client was pretty upset with these results when

they first saw them.

Only 24 people showing up for the webinar was quite


…and only 5 x £99 for £700 didn’t look great either.

But when in doubt… get the calculator out!


Let’s do the maths:

They spent £700 and had 122 people register for the webinar.

All good so far.

Only 24 turned up for the webinar – there’s definitely room for improvement there (!).

And of those 24, five purchased.

Well, hold on a second – that’s a 20% conversion rate.

20% of people who saw the offer – bought.

The problem wasn’t that the offer was bad or that the pitch didn’t work – it was that not enough people had a chance to see the offer.

But then let’s look at the sales.

5 x £99/month – they spent £700, and only got £500 back.

BUT… this service has a minimum 3-month


So the WORST case scenario is 3 x £99 for each

of the five sales…

Which is £1,485.

They spent £700 and DOUBLED it in less than three months.

Not a bad return eh!

So although the initial campaign didn’t look very impressive – once we stopped and got the calculator out – it was a huge success!

It just goes to show… when in doubt – get your calculator out!!

Abu Isa

I am a Digital Marketing Expert and an EC Licensed Coach That Helps Painting & Decorating Businesses Increase Their Lead Flow, Sales & Profits By Working With Them To Implement ‘The Painters Marketing & Sales System™️‘.

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