Transform Your Marketing, Your Business, And Your Life As You Get Serious About Growth.

PROFIT ACCELERATOR is a year-long ‘Done-With-You Coaching Program’ for ambitious painting & decorating business owners who want to increase leads, revenue, profits and accelerate their growth.

From The Desk Of Abu Isa

As business owners, we know that the single most important thing for any business is getting customers.


Because if you could get (and keep) enough customers, all of the other issues in your business would soon take care of themselves.

If you had a strong, steady, consistent flow of new sales and customers flowing IN to your business – life would definitely be better.

Think about it…

Imagine knowing for SURE that next week you’d bring in XX new customers.

Imagine knowing for CERTAIN that this month you’re going to generate £XX,XXX in sales.

Imagine knowing without fail that each and every month your bills will be paid, payroll will be met, and a VERY healthy lump of cash will be deposited into your bank account.

Imagine how life will feel when you no longer need to stress about where the next customer will come from. Because you KNOW for certain that they’re flowing into your business.

This is the reality you have when you finally crack the RHYTHMIC ACQUISITION OF CUSTOMERS in your business. When new customers and sales are consistently flowing and you have a predictable source of income.

So how can you crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers for your business?

By using all of the different digital (and non-digital) marketing pillars together, congruently and seamlessly like a well oiled ‘customer generating’ machine…

  • Search Engine Optimisation so potential customers can find your business when they search on Google.
  • Email Marketing to stay in contact with educating and nurturing your interested leads into paying customers
  • Social Media to engage with your customers and increase brand awareness
  • A Winning Website to convert more visitors into customers
  • Paid Ads (done properly!) to generate customers at will
  • Referral Strategies to get new customers for free!
  • And MORE …

This is how the most successful businesses are built.

As you can see, there is a lot to it.

The problem most business owners have had in the past is not knowing where to start and how all these marketing pillars work together.

This was the primary reason why ‘The Painters Marketing & Sales System’ was created.

It’s taken over 10 years of experience working with small business owners to put this system together. It is a COMPLETE Marketing & Sales solution designed to help painting & decorating businesses to get & keep customers predictably, consistently and systematically. I will explain how The Painting Marketing & Sales System works below.


    The Painters Marketing & Sales System

    The painters marketing system

    The System Explained In More Detail:


    Part 1 : Find Your Gap

    We understand everything about you and your business – including the numbers that matter, where you are now, where you want to be, and why that’s important to you. The system gets you back in touch with your goal, the reasons why you set your business up in the first place and it keeps your goal front and centre so it can’t get hidden, forgotten or compromised.

    Part 2: Foundation Blocks

      As the name suggests, this is all about putting in place the basic marketing systems to equip you for success. Includes things like:

      • Google My Business;
      • Follow Up processes to ensure your leads are being nurtured systematically;
      • A system for gathering 4* and 5* reviews so you are building an ever-growing bank of online reviews on the right platforms.
      • Tools and assets to bring back lost customers, (this is often where the first ‘quick-wins’ come from);
      • Price review – including premium options. This is a really big win for some businesses, less so for others but I’ll help you evaluate accurately.
      • Website review. I’ll evaluate the fitness for purpose of your website and make sure it’s designed in a manner to maximise conversion.
      Part 3: Fix Your Marketing

      1. Understand Your ‘Dream Buyer’ (Market)

      Understand exactly who your target market is – we’ll drill down on your ideal avatar (possibly multiple avatars for some businesses) and we’ll look to the future in terms of the ideal customers that you want to attract and move towards.
      We’ll also talk about how your niche and sub-niche where appropriate.

      2. Create Your Utterly Compelling, Differentiating Messages.

      Weak, bland, forgettable messaging is responsible for the failure of a lot of marketing – so we make sure none of those traps is fallen into here.
      Three parts to this:

        Your Core Messages:

          1. Why should a hard-working prospect dip into their pocket and spend some of their hard-earned money with you?
          2. What is your category of one? (we’ll create it with you if necessary)
          3. What’s your brand and positioning?
          4. What do you stand for and against?
          5. The tone and language of your marketing message?

        Your Bait/Content Messages:

        This is where I help you to create High Value Content pieces (assets) that attract your ideal prospects and bring them into your sales funnel/process.

         Your ‘Godfather’ Offer Messages:

                   I’ll help you create an offer/s that they can’t refuse…

        3. Drive the Traffic (Media)

        This is where we’ll compile all the possible marketing pillars to get your messages to your market, systematically.
        Using all the numbers and insights I’ll help you objectively assess which pillars are right for your business, and then prioritise them.
        The system only ever works on THREE marketing pillars at any one time to get them in place and STABILISED, properly.
        Once a marketing pillar is in place and stabilised, a new pillar can be introduced so there will be ongoing development of marketing pillars for the foreseeable future.

        4. Nurture Your List

        This is where you keep in touch with all your prospects by following up in the right frequency and with the right messages that build confidence, trust and propensity to buy. It also makes sure that when they’re ready to buy they at least talk to/consider you.
        Getting this part of the system right is critical to achieving rhythmic acquisition.

        Part 4: Know The Score

        If you don’t know the score you can’t tell the winners from the losers so we’ll start by understanding how many leads are expected from each marketing pillar, per week or month (as appropriate), and then tracking what actually happens.

        Conversion rates, sales, cost per lead – and per sale – by marketing pillar, list growth, web visitors, page per visit, pixeled audience size, etc.

        I’ll be sharing our single-page Weekly Sales and Marketing Scorecard template that you can use to keep track of all the key metrics in your business. The visibility and focus this brings is game-changing

        How Does The Profit Accelerator Coaching Programme Work?

        • As my Profit Accelerator Coaching Client, I will work with you on a 1:1 basis to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers for your business.

        • We will speak on a regular basis, usually once every two weeks, either on the phone or preferably, via Zoom video call.

        • You’ll agree to 1 or 2 specific actions at the end of every call and I will keep you accountable.

        • At the beginning of each call, we will review your Scorecard, your numbers and your progress because the focus is always on your results.

        Is This Coaching Programme Right For You?

        Here’s who I CAN Help?

        • You have an established business and deliver great service to your customers.

        • Business owners who want to avoid the painful learning curves and discover a “shortcut” to success.

        • Business owners who are looking to kickstart their growth, or take an already growing business to the next level

        • You have an understanding that there will be failures along the way, that’s just how marketing works I’m afraid.

        • You can set aside 30 minutes a day to actually implement the strategies we prioritise together. If not, then you likely won’t find success with this or any other program.

        You’re Covered by TWO Iron-Clad Guarantees

        I’m so confident that the Profit Accelerator Coaching Programme will deliver stellar returns for you and your business that it comes with not one, but TWO iron-clad guarantees:

        Guarantee #1: Your 100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

        Try the Profit Accelerator Coaching Programme risk-free for 60 days.

        If you are not 100% satisfied, just ask for a refund and I would be happy to refund you in full. Simple.

        Guarantee #2: The 'Double Your Money' Guarantee

        The Profit Accelerator is the ONLY programme of its kind that comes with a fully-fledged DOUBLE your money back guarantee!

        Come on board, work with me, implement your Plan (the 1 or 2 things every 2 weeks) and I guarantee that you will, as a minimum, get back at least double your investment in additional gross profits within the first 12 months – and if you haven’t then I’ll make up the difference and double it for you!

        That’s how confident I am. I’m literally putting my money where my mouth is!

        It means the worst-case scenario for you when you join my Profit Accelerator Coaching Programme, is that you double your money over 12 months – even Warren Buffett can’t give you that kind of return – and that’s your worst-case scenario!

        In truth, I expect most people to do waaaaay better than this because when you put the effort in, the Profit Accelerator WILL deliver results for you and your business. In spades.

        The Catch

        Of course, there is one catch: my capacity is limited to 17 spaces only!

        I can’t help every business that will want to be part of this and so you’ll need to apply.

        It doesn’t matter where your business is at right now. The most important criteria for me is finding people who are deadly serious about making a material shift in their profitability in 2022 because that’s where my fulfilment comes from.

        I’m looking for a fairly small number of business owners that are serious about markedly growing their profits next year and reconnecting with the goals you had when you first started out. If that’s you, please click the button below.

        Your Investment…

        (because it IS an investment)

        This level of support and the genuine GAS factor that you will experience (because I really will ‘Give A Shit’) is unprecedented and unavailable anywhere else. Even on programmes costing £20,000 you don’t get this level of intensity and support, caring and nurturing.

        When we work together, you can expect to achieve your goals next year. I will make sure of it.

        You might be surprised, therefore, to discover that the investment required for a full 12 months of personal training and support, as outlined above, is as little as £399 per month.

        All prices are exclusive of VAT.

        IMPORTANT: My aim will be to help you to generate more than sufficient additional profits in the first few weeks to effectively self-fund your investment – and of course uplifts in profit should stay with you year after year if you do the right things so you should expect a fairly stellar return on your investment.

        Plus of course, you’ve got the benefit of my Two Iron-Clad Guarantees.


        As business owners, we are 100% responsible for what happens to our business. It’s all our fault. In that regard where you end up next year, the profits you make, the drawings you take, the lifestyle you lead is all down to you.

        In simple terms you have TWO choices about 2022:

        You can make a living OR you can design a life.

        Investing in yourself and committing to working with me next year is all about the latter i.e designing the life you want and then making it happen.

        It’s a positive step. An Affirmation. Because this is all about you.

        The important question you have to ask is: If not this, then what?

        How else are you going to bring about the change you desire next year?

        You know that you — and your business –deserve more. Are worthy of more.

        And that now is the time for you to make that happen.

        Now is the time for you to seize the opportunity.

        Grab it –and together let’s make 2022 your best year ever,

        Abu Isa