About me

My name is Abu Isa and I have over 15 years experience of running my own successful driver coaching business.
I am an Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coach. Trained by Nigel Botterill, one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.
My focus and energy are now channelled towards helping restaurant owners to achieve super success. Especially as the hospitality sector has been one of the worst to suffer from the COVID pandemic. I have 
Rest assured, whatever challenges you want to overcome or opportunities you have in front of you, I’ll be there to help you overcome them.
My energy and infectious personality allied to my digital marketing expertise will make a stellar addition to your team.

What I Do

In simple terms, I help change lives.

When your restaurant business starts generating cash, rather than consuming it – it’s life-changing;

When your restaurant business moves from losses into profit – it’s life-changing;

When you go from ‘getting by’ to making serious money – it’s life-changing;

When you crack what we call the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers for your business – it’s life-changing;

When you create new jobs and employ more people – it’s life-changing;

When your mum or dad stops working 24/7 on their business and has time for you – it’s life-changing;

When you can take the holidays you’ve dreamed of, or buy your forever home, or drive the car you’ve always wanted – it’s life-changing;

Those are the results of what I do.

Profit Booster Programme

Why I Do It

The satisfaction in knowing you’ve helped someone achieve something important to them is one of the most satisfying feelings anyone can have.

That’s hugely fulfilling – and it’s what drives me;

I love to learn – and I am very aware that I need to stay right at the leading edge of marketing in all its forms so we can best support and help the business owners I work with, whether that’s teaching them, showing them, helping them or, increasingly, doing it for them.

It means I get to have fun every day, doing what I love and being appreciated for it – which I recognise is pretty cool and very rare. That’s why I do it!