How To Crack The Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers For Your Painting Business.


How are you and your business showing up on the internet?

What do your customers and prospects see when they search for YOU & YOUR Business?

Are you attractive to your IDEAL customers?

What’s missing? What needs to be implemented?

It all starts with the “Ultimate Marketing Checklist” and you can download it now, below…

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Your Digital Marketing Expert

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Profit Accelerator Coaching Programme

Designed For Painting & Decorating Businesses To Sky Rocket Their Profits

If you want to seriously achieve your goals in the gym – you hire a Personal Trainer.

They listen to you, understand what your goals are and then formulate a plan that’s bespoke to you.

They turn up, regularly, keep it interesting for you and ensure that you stay motivated and push you to do every exercise correctly and to the right intensity so that you get the results.

They track all of your key measurements and share them with you on a regular basis so you can see the progress you’re making.

They hold you accountable.

And over a period of several months, your Personal trainer can fundamentally change how your body looks and how you feel.

FACT: People that use personal trainers get significantly better results than those that don’t.

Well, now I want to help get your business into shape.

I want to help bring your business the leads, enquiries and buyers that you need. 

Think about it…

Imagine knowing for SURE that next week you’d bring in XX new customers.

Imagine knowing for CERTAIN that this month you’re going to generate £XX,XXX in sales.

Imagine knowing without fail that each and every month your bills will be paid, payroll will be met, and a VERY healthy lump of cash will be deposited into your bank account.

Imagine how life will feel when you no longer need to stress about where the next customer will come from. Because you KNOW for certain that they’re flowing into your business read more

I’m On a Mission

  • To help the really good painting & decorating businesses get more customers and dominate their market.
  • To be the most trustworthy, honest and reliable digital marketing expert & business coach out there.
  • To become your primary source of help when it comes to marketing & sales for your painting & decorating business.
  • To make 2022 the greatest year for any business owner who is serious about building a better business, better future and a better life.

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At its heart, marketing is all just maths. The success (or failure!) of a campaign is all down to the numbers. Here’s an example from a client. They were spending £100/day on Facebook Ads sending people to a webinar. Here are the all-important numbers for the last 7...

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The Golden 10 Minutes…

The Golden 10 Minutes…

When your business gets a new lead or enquiry - how long does it take you to get back to them?   An hour? A day? A week?! Here are some eye-watering statistics: If you call a lead within 10 minutes of them enquiring with you (submitting the form/requesting the...

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The Alligator Email

The Alligator Email

See you later Alligator! If you’re like most businesses, then you’ll have had heaps of people enquire with you in the past, look like they’re ready to buy, but then all of a sudden, they disappear. You don’t hear from them again. Frustrating eh! Well here’s a tried...

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